visual artist




Brianne Burnell is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work explores endless combinations of colour and texture through traditional painting and collage, digital collage, and projection. She works intuitively, fuelled by a desire to play and experiment. She is constantly wondering, "what happens if I....".

Brianne has been working professionally since 2013, creating artwork for the City of Toronto, The Brain Project, Spin Master children's toys, PATCH Project, Collective Arts Brewing, and a variety of local and international print publications.



AUG 23-30 2018 / group show / SOFT POWER, Milk Glass

NOV 1-DEC 21 2018 / solo show / Resilience, Fairview Library

FEB 19 2019 / projection show / Rachel Romu, Baby G

APRIL 11 2019 / projection show / Rachel Romu, The Piston

JUNE 14 2019 / projection show / Rachel Romu, NXNE, The Garrison

JULY 26-AUG 7 2019 / group show / The Freedom Factory

AUG 22-SEPT 4 2019 / group show / The Last Straw, The Freedom Factory

SEPT 26-OCT 1 2019 / group show / Studio Mates, Black Cat Gallery