Brianne Burnell



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Brianne Burnell is a mixed media / digital artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her work combines digital painting and collage. She creates sparkling crystal shapes and layers them with grainy vintage photographs to create a double exposure effect. Her current work examines the human compulsion to collect, and what feelings fuel our desire to surround ourself with many pieces from one category. Her lifetime of experience as a rock collector has inspired her to investigate her own motivation, and learn more about what other people are collecting, and why. Collecting has become a part of her creative process as she treasure hunts through public domain archives and gathers hundreds of vintage photographs to incorporate into her work. Burnell is currently planning a series and corresponding art book of crystal collages that incorporate photographs of other peoples collections.

When she is not creating crystal collages, Burnell creates artwork for children’s toys sold across the globe. Her work has been used by brands like Hatchimals, Etch A Sketch, Cool Maker, and Luvabella.


2018 group show / SOFT POWER, Milk Glass

2018 solo show / Resilience, Fairview Library