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A blog about all things print and pattern! Working through pattern development, collecting inspiration from nature, design, art, and researching pattern design trends in high fashion, children's clothing, and housewares! 

Pattern Development: Abstract Garden


abstract garden brush strokes.jpg

One thing that never fails to inspire me is my materials. Whether it's a waxy crayon, the way watery paint splatters, or in this case, my digital brush collection, I can always look to my materials to lead the way when I don't have specific inspiration in mind. This scratchy rake brush is from a set of lettering brushes by Kyle T. Webster, and this is the very first time I've used it. I was feeling a sort of impressionist vibe and just kind of went with it, and in the end had a painterly abstract pattern that I'm really happy with :). 

abstract garden brush strokes1.jpg



Ta-da! Tell me which dress is your favourite, 1

abstract garden dress patterns.jpg