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A blog about all things print and pattern! Working through pattern development, collecting inspiration from nature, design, art, and researching pattern design trends in high fashion, children's clothing, and housewares! 

Pattern Development: Art Class


Dior Homme, Bonno van Doorn, Bulle de Savon

Dior Homme, Bonno van Doorn, Bulle de Savon

I had so much fun collecting this inspiration, it brought me right back to being a kid playing with paints and crayons in art class. Wild and scribbly and free! Using every colour you had, breaking crayons along the way. 

I had no choice but to bust out my 64-pack of crayons and get scribbling. That waxy texture cannot be imitated with digital brushes. I think I'll keep trying to work crayons into my art, I've been ignoring them for too long and they're so fun and create some great blendy colours when you overlap them. 


Scribbly pattern design


crayon scribble pattern design