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A blog about all things print and pattern! Working through pattern development, collecting inspiration from nature, design, art, and researching pattern design trends in high fashion, children's clothing, and housewares! 

Inspiration: Fashion Embellishments

inspiration fashion texture.jpg

When I am shopping for clothing there are two things happening. My eyes are frantically scanning for patterns, while my hands are touching everything I pass. If it's fluffy, sequinned, embroidered, embellished, I am drawn to it. I have gone to art exhibitions featuring big incredible tapestry masterpieces and have had to really struggle not to touch them. I can't help myself!

I started to notice the influence texture has on me when I began weaving small tapestries and suddenly could not walk past a loopy yarny sweater without feeling an overwhelming urge to keep it. Now I am hoarding gems and yarn, trying my hand at embroidery (key word here is trying), revisiting all I know about beading from working in the costuming department of a living history museum (where I even learned to embroider with softened porcupine quills collected from porcupines who didn't make it across the highway), and trying to fill my closet with all of this magic! 

Here are some gorgeous embellishments from the fashion world, from tufts of fur to beading, sequins, and embroidery, they are so inspiring to me.