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A blog about all things print and pattern! Working through pattern development, collecting inspiration from nature, design, art, and researching pattern design trends in high fashion, children's clothing, and housewares! 

Pattern Development: Pastel Diamond

tapestry images.jpg

I've been working on a number of large (58" x 60") pieces to print as tapestries/wall hangings. They are mostly abstract, colourful, and leave me feeling kind of dizzy, but I know when they are printed in that large size all of the fine details that are making my brain hurt will look great! I'm going to be listing the tapestries for sale hopefully within the next few weeks along with some smaller flags. I'm very excited!

When I spend a million hours working on large detailed pieces like this I can't help but want to create patterns out of the smaller elements. For this pattern I borrowed the corner of tapestry #1 to create a diamond pattern. 

Repurposing smaller elements of my pieces is a great way to create collections of cohesive prints, and allows me to do a ton of different experiments without starting from scratch each time. You may see more patterns that originate from this tapestry print because I am dying to get my hands on some of those smaller dotty sections!


diamond pattern design 3.jpg


diamond pattern design 1.jpg


diamond pattern design 2.jpg