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Exciting News: The Patch Project


I have always been nervous when it comes to submitting my artwork/filling out art applications, maybe its just a normal case of imposter syndrome, but the process of explaining my artwork and sending it off to be judged by a panel of people who know what they're doing, no matter how far I get in my professional career, seems so daunting and overwhelming. But this February, like a lightning bolt, I realized that my endless frustration of "but what do I put my art ON?" had a simple solution. I had to apply to things, and let other people take my art to a larger scale with their initiatives and projects.  

So I began, and the first on my list was something I had been seeing all around Toronto, The PATCH Project. The PATCH Project is a public art initiative that transforms our city by working with clients like condo developers who have an active construction site during "construction season", pairing them with local artists from their roster to turn their temporary hoarding walls into a public art display. They help facilitate temporary public art, permanent public art, and community engaged art. 

The PATCH Project Mission Statement:
PATCH works to improve the urban experience for local residents and visitors alike by installing public art, while using the proceeds to fund community arts programming for youth in some of the city’s most underserved communities through our sister agency - The STEPS Initiative.


So I gathered up my 5 best pieces, tweaked them until I could picture them 8ft tall running along busy Toronto streets, thought about why I make the art that I do, and painstakingly put it into words. I overshared about mental illness, tried to sum up my experience as an artist, made my first actual artist CV, sent my application off and the next day got on a plane to Thunder Bay to see my parents, nervous and excited and dying to hear back immediately. And it worked!


I am officially listed on The PATCH Project roster, patiently waiting for the clients that PATCH works with to see my kaleidoscope artwork and decide that it would be the perfect thing to adorn the walls outside their site. It could be in a year from now, it could be sooner, it could be never, but this opportunity will get my artwork in front of a type of client that I previously didn't have access to, and I am very excited for what that might mean for me!

Here are some recent PATCH installations: