Brianne Burnell


"Fog Gem" Iron-on Canvas Patch

"Fog Gem" Iron-on Canvas Patch


A little hazy rainbow gem from my series of “Fog Gems”. Each gem explores the way we break through the fog, whether you’ve got brain fog from fatigue or depression, or you’ve just been feeling a little grey, you will always find a way to push your creativity and light through. It’s ok to be a little foggy! You're still super magical.

This small patch is 3.5” x 5”, and will fit nicely on the sleeve of your jean jacket, on your back pocket, on your tote back, anywhere you can imagine!

To iron-on: remove paper backing, place glue side down on your garment, iron on medium/”wool” setting, NO STEAM. Hold iron for a few seconds until the glue properly fuses, paying special attention to the edges and corners.

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